Tired, But Inspired

The Tired Mama Project


noun   ˈpräjˌekt/

1.  an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

The aim of The Tired Mama Project is simple:

To somehow, make for less tired mamas! Motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs a woman can have, but also one of the most draining. Physically and emotionally. All mamas deal with challenges as they raise their little ones. Biological or step, adoptive or foster-mama; we have the most important job in the world. Our challenges run the gamut from sleepless nights, to juggling working and motherhood, to even struggling through post-partum depression. With these additional stresses in our day-to-day lives, sometimes even the most basic of tasks can seem impossible.

While I was fortunate enough not to struggle with post-partum depression, I did struggle with post-partum EXHAUSTION like most new mamas do. I am still one Tired Mama – but I feel blessed every second of every day to have my incredible son and his amazing big brothers – no matter how much sleep I am missing out on!

Part of the reason I am able to stay so happy and so centered through the tornado that is motherhood is the huge support system I have around me. I am blessed with the most amazing husband and family, and they all truly understand how much of a village it takes to raise a child well.

Lately I have started to wonder what, if anything, I could do to pay that help forward. So many mamas always seem to be “running on fumes.” I often wonder how I might use my “village” as a model to build a broader network of support for mamas out there who need a little help or a break once in a while to be the best mamas they can be. I know I do!

Motherhood is a sisterhood. This was the best kept secret, for me. Once I knew my baby was on the way, I instantly had a circle of support for everything pertaining to that baby and all I had to do was ask. Anytime I did, the help, advice, and encouragement poured out. I had questions on everything from epidurals to diaper rash to sippy cups, and every mama I reached out to had something to contribute that took the fear of the unknown out of both my pregnancy and also my wonderful (but daunting) first year of motherhood. I believe that if I can organize a positive movement to help other mamas, in whichever way it materializes, amazing mothers will step in and help me make it happen. Because one thing we all have in common is that we have all needed help at one time or another.

I have no plan of action, no timeline, no fund-raising goals; just a little voice in my heart telling me “Help other mamas, like so many mamas have helped you.” My vision may not materialize into much more than a funny blog where mamas like me can read a heartfelt parenting story while they sip on their (reheated) coffee. But it might turn into something more meaningful someday, too. Feel free to send me ideas, advice, wisdom, suggestions, please! Or just stop by once in awhile to enjoy my crazy adventures with Hank the Tank. He is just far too special (and too funny) not to share.

tired, but inspired