Whenever motherhood allows (read: whenever Hank is asleep)–I have another passion.


I am an author/illustrator of children’s books, including both picture books and chapter books. I am currently working on illustrating a sweet picture book called The Spill, written by Jacqueline Leigh, that is due out in the summer of 2018 from Mascot Publishing!


I encourage you to check out Jacqueline Leigh’s awesome blog:


Jackie is a brilliant storyteller and her first picture book, Time For Bed With Ford And Red, also from Mascot Publishing, came out this past summer. It is a gorgeously-illustrated bedtime story that every child will love reading as they drift off into their own adventure-filled dreams each night!

Time For Bed With Ford And Red can be purchased from Amazon.com here:

Time For Bed With Ford And Red on Amazon.com

Please contact me through my Contact form to request sample illustrations as I don’t yet have an online portfolio. I am always willing to consider new projects! I do my best work in wax pastel and watercolor.

I am never without inspiration for a good story, thanks to my daily entertainment from Hank! Check back for updates on The Spill and any new projects I take on!

Hank with book
Let’s read a book, mama!