This Tired (but ridiculously happy!) Mama loves sharing encouraging, sweet, endearing, and just plain funny stories about my hilarious son and the wonderful little lessons he teaches me about this big thing called life.  I want to remember every second of his ‘little’ years, so getting the highlights in writing seems to burn them into my brain more permanently.

I am also a proud step-mama to his three amazing big brothers, and they inspire me every day. Watching the four boys together makes me so grateful that their incredible daddy and I crashed into each other six years ago.

While I’m not blogging or chasing Hank and his brothers around, I also write and illustrate children’s books!

Someday down the line, my true dream for the Tired Mama Project is to somehow help give local mamas the support, information, (and caffeine!) they need to just be good mamas. Or good step-mamas. Because good mamas make the world go round! Until then–(maybe when my little tornado goes off to school?) this Tired Mama will simply share my stories in hopes of encouraging and entertaining any other Tired Mamas out there who need a quick uplifting read.  (If you ever get 10 minutes to yourself, that is!) Thanks for reading!