Children are humans too

The biggest teacher’s mistake is to forget we work with humans. We often treat children as some kind of creature without feelings, opinions, preferences and inclinations. In teacher’s eyes children turn into shapeless mass, which we must teach by fossilized ways. And it is an easy way to lose an authority and to be defeated as teacher.

Below a few indications what can you do to not forget you work with humans, not indeterminate creatures.

1. Try to understand every child.

I know, it is so hard but it is the only way to find an agreement and to match your teaching methods with the group.

2. If one of your students has problems with learning, talk to him/her.

Maybe his/her problems are much deeper and this child is smart but is in crisis situation in home. The knowledge enables you to help this child.

3. Show your students that everyone can build his intelligence.

Children believe in teacher’s words. I know a lot of students who have listened: “You are dumb” and they really believe it. These words effect very strong. These students stopped even to try understand something or learn it. “It doesn’t make sense, they speak, I’m too dumb, there’s no possibility I can do this”. And we – as teachers – know it is not true. And we must work with children to build their self-confidence.

4. Believe!

I think it is most important part. Show your students you believe in their possibilities and skills. You really know they can.