Animals in home – is this idea good for our children?

Every family in one moment faces a big problem – our child comes to us and: “Mom, dad, I want to have a cat!”. Or dog, or fishes, or parrot, or something else. What should we do in this situation?

First at all, we must answer the question: are we able to fulfil all needs of his animal? In “all needs” I mean for example enough space in our home, time and also money for caring animal, even if it gets sick. If the answer sounds “no”, there is no place for any further discussion.

Second, we need to wonder what kind of animal we can take. For example in small flat we can’t appropriate care about Caucasian Shepherd Dog or another big dog. The same aspect concern a climate (Husky in tropical climate is a very bad idea), our free time (dogs need long walks, and cats – don’t), even type of our furniture (animals can scratch, bite and stain).

Another important thing is to make sure no one in our family has allergy. Taking and then giving back an animal is a tragedy: for children and for this animal.

In my opinion growing up with some animals is very good for children but only if that animal is happy, safe and healthy (I mean: if we take care about its health). There is the best way to teach our children empathy and responsibility for living and feeling creature.

And – our children can gain the closest friend for years.